Got the below error from qemu: Unable to complete install: 'Cannot access storage file '/run/media/msingh/WDELEMENTS1/test/CentOsRestoreTest.qcow2' (as uid:107, gid:107): Permission denied'

So tried to change the ownership as root but it still fails:

[root@centos ~]# chown qemu.qemu /run/media/msingh/WDELEMENTS1/test/CentOsRestoreTest.qcow2
chown: changing ownership of ‘/run/media/msingh/WDELEMENTS1/test/CentOsRestoreTest.qcow2’: Operation not permitted

Info about the path/drive:

[root@centos ~]# df -hT /dev/sda1
Filesystem     Type  Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1      vfat  2.8T   55G  2.7T   2% /run/media/msingh/WDELEMENTS1

VFAT filesystems do not support the notion of file ownership. Instead, when the filesystem is mounted, the mount command sets a uid/gid which are considered to own everything in that filesystem.

Thus, to change the ownership of a VFAT filesystem's contents, you need to unmount the filesystem and remount it with the desired uid/gid.

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