We are a dutch company with an office in the USA. This office has an pfSense firewall device with the IP address .

In the Netherlands' office we have an IP address like this:

Is there a way that we can set up a rule in pfSense that we (in the Netherlands) could ping every 5 minutes (we already have a program for that) but just from the Netherlands' office so I can't ping the USA office let's say from my home.

If so, where can I set that up in pfSense?

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ping uses ICMP protocol. So basically you need to add/edit a rule in your pfSense firewall to allow ICMP echo requests if the IP address is

Go to Firewall > Rules and add a new rule which should have above criteria.

Action > Pass, Interface > WAN, Protocol > ICMP, Type > Echo request, Source >, Description > Add description

Then click Save

This should do it.


Login to pfSense
Open Firewall > Rules.

Click [+] to add a new rule.

Change Interface to WAN.
Change Protocol to ICMP.
Change ICMP type to Echo request.
Input a description

On the source address please type
Click Save.

enter image description here

Printscreen/step took there

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