Id very much like to do this but it doesn't seem to be enabled on my installation.

# rpm -qa | grep pdns

Ive tried both iterations in pdns.conf (enable-lua-record and global-lua-record) to the same effect:

pdns_server[5685]: Fatal error: Trying to set unknown parameter 'enable-lua-record'

It this to be slated for v4.2? Seems to be some mixed signals out there as to whether or not it's currently available.

Also - v4.2 doesn't seem to have a release schedule. The last info I found was from 10/2017 referring to a beta. Is the current 'master' build of reasonable stability? The ultimate goal is to enable round-robin DNS and this (via LUA) seems to be the only avenue.

EDIT: some possibility here. I wish they had included the actual records they used.


The config option seems to be enable-lua-records (note the "s").

  • Nice catch. I tried that and got the same error though. Fatal error: Trying to set unknown parameter 'enable-lua-records' – ethrbunny Nov 21 '18 at 21:54

FWIW - I did a build from master and was able to implement LUA records. I can already see where this feature will be v useful.

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