I have three machines A, B, C. The aim is to be able to transfer files from A to C. I have ssh access from A to B, and B to C; B and C are on a local network. This can be achieved with the scp -o ProxyCommand option and it works. But before I stumbled upon this solution I tried an ssh -L method which didn't work. The problem was identified but not the solution. First an ssh local redirect was setup from A to C (on A) via. B like so:

ssh -p 8888 -L 5022:userC@hostC:22 userB@hostB

Using ssh to verify/test on A:

ssh -p 5022 userC@localhost

This fails on A saying:

ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

/var/log/auth.log on B says:

sshd[9873]: error: connect_to userC@hostC: unknown host (Temporary failure in name resolution)

I have verified that that the colon symbol (:) after hostC is causing the fault but have not found a way to fix this. any ideas would be useful.



-L is for port forwarding.

The format is -L port:host:hostport

Whatever you were trying by adding a user name to the hostname specification with -L 5022:userC@hostC:22 was incorrect.


The easiest to do multi hop ssh from host A via host B to host C is with the ProxyJump command switch -J available in newer ssh versions

 ssh -J userB@hostB userC@hostC

Or with scp

 scp -o 'ProxyJump userB@hostB' file userC@hostC:/path/
  • HBruijn you're right. Using ssh -p 8888 -L 5022:hostC:22 userB@hostB instead of ssh -p 8888 -L 5022:userC@hostC:22 userB@hostB solved the problem. Thanks. – zoulzubazz Nov 24 '18 at 19:48

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