I have Apache server running on apache:apache and ProFTPD running on ftpuser:ftpgroup, all my websites are under /var/www/ which is owned by root:root.

So the question is when I create a new website directory /var/www/website1 what user group should have, apache:apache or ftpuser:ftpgroup.

If I make it apache:apache I am not able to upload any files from ftp.

I have tried some directives in ProFtpd conf, but doesnt work.

ServerType Standalone
<IfModule mod_cap.c>
   CapabilitiesEngine on
   CapabilitiesSet +CAP_CHOWN
<Directory /var/www>
   UserOwner apache
   GroupOwner apache
   Umask 002 003

And I have added my ftpuser to apache group ftpuser : ftpgroup apache

but sitll doesnt work.

Thanks in advance for any help!


You can always add the user apache to the group ftpgroup and visa versa.

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