I have 4 hyper-v servers running windows server 2012 R2 that they are in a cluster. I want to create a new virtual machine but i get an error that "failed to create the virtual hard disk",right after i click on finish the virtual machine is created but not in cluster i see my machine from my hyper-v manager not from failover cluster manager. I have tried to create this VM on another hyper servers too and i also have created hard disk on another path but i still get the error can someone please help me in this case.


I had the same issue and was able to create the VM.... Check the File System format of the disk you use to create V-Disk, It must be compatible with the OS disk format (e.g. FAT32 or NTFS)... Windows Server used NTFS format, so make sure you format whatever drive to NTFS.. I hope this helps.


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