I'm unable to disable JBOD mode on H330 (dell):

I've tried:

megacli   -AdpSetProp  -EnableJBOD -0 -a0

Adapter 0: Failed to Set Adapter Properties.

megacli -CfgClr  -a0

Adapter 0: Failed to Clear Configuration.

FW error description: 
  The requested command is invalid.  

I can switch H330 to RAID mode in DRAC interface (it's a dell server), but is there a way to perform this switch from within host my means of MegaCLI?


I can enable JBOD the same way, but not to disable it:

megacli   -AdpSetProp  -EnableJBOD -1 -a0

Adapter 0: Set JBOD to Enable success.

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After some struggles I found the way.

  1. The controller have a limited number of reconfigurations. After certain number a reboot is required.
  2. CfgClr helps to clear all possible arrays, etc.
  3. After the combination of CfgClr and -AdpSetProp -EnableJBOD -0 drives become "Unconfigured good".

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