I'm using ssh to create a proxy connection to an EC2 instance:

ssh -v -D 8123 ubuntu@some.ip.address

But when I test it using curl, I get:

http_proxy="http://localhost:8123" curl example.com
curl: (52) Empty reply from server

In the terminal where I have SSH running, I see:

debug1: Connection to port 8123 forwarding to socks port 0 requested.
debug1: channel 3: new [dynamic-tcpip]
debug1: channel 3: free: dynamic-tcpip, nchannels 4

When I configure my macbook's wifi adapter to use localhost:8123 as a SOCKS proxy, it appears to work. My public-facing IP address changes, and traffic seems to flow. Any idea why curl is having problems?

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    curl --socks5 some.ip.address:8123 http://example.com/ – Dmitriy Kupch Nov 30 '18 at 17:03

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