I'm trying to understand few things about gPTP (IEEE 802.1AS). I am using the open source implementation by AVnu (https://github.com/AVnu/gptp).

I looking on the packets using Wireshark, and they are parsed as PTPv2 packets.

Is there any protocol difference between the packets themselves that can be used to understand whether a certain traffic is gPTP or normal PTP? I know that gPTP only extends PTP, but I thought there would be a detectable difference.



gPTP is a profile of PTPv2; it implements some additional features.

Wireshark should be able to decode everything which may be of interest to you. If it does not, then you can file an enhancement request.

  • The question is whether there is a difference between the packets- that could be detectable by anybody. If the packets looks the same- Wireshark won't be able to decide which protocol it is, and it's ok, I guess.
    – Shir
    Dec 4 '18 at 16:10
  • AFAIK it's interoperable, so you might not be able to detect a difference. But perhaps someone with more experience with PTP will come by and answer. Dec 4 '18 at 16:13

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