Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I have created a simple Apache srv on 2.4.25

The srv has a cert from letsencrypt and enforces access to https only. I have a "secret" folder (test). It has been protected by basic auth (user/PW). This means that if you access https://www.example.org/test, you'll be prompted for authentication; works fine.

Now the question: I would like to enforce that access to this folder is only allowed from clients (in this case some phones). The phones has a device certificate, and I would like to use this cert for authentication. However the cert is not from a trusted CA like letsencrypt or Digicert. They are signed by the company that manufactors the phone (self-signed)

My thought is to import the CA, and then look up if the request to access the folder is from a phone(allowed) or not. I tried to add :

SSLVerifyClient require

SSLVerifyDepth 1

SSLCACertificatePath /path/to/ssl/

to the folder, but this causes the srv to start as: "Your SSL library does not have support for per-directory CA"

Seems that this takes bit more to get working, so any hints and advises will be greatly appreciated.

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