I used CodeStar to create a DataPipeline that:

  1. Downloads code from my github repo
  2. Tests it in CodeBuild,
  3. Creates/executes a CloudFormation changeset on a CloudFormation stack that CodeStar created
  4. Which creates/updates a lambda.

The CloudFormation Stack template references CodeStar::SyncResources. I also noticed the lambda function it created is actually part of a "Lambda Application". the Application has 2 resources: The lambda, and the "SyncResources"

The Cloudformation ChangeSet uses this and I notice that when I push a commit where the function's code isn't changed (for example, when I change the README), the SyncResources gets passed in the ChangeSet execution, but not the lambda itself. If I comment the changeset out in the template than the lambda gets updated everytime even if it isn't changed.

what the heck is this thing? Couldn't find any documentation.

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