When running a kubeadm upgrade plan I am getting:

[preflight] Running pre-flight checks. [upgrade] Making sure the cluster is healthy: [upgrade/config] Making sure the configuration is correct: [upgrade/config] Reading configuration from the cluster... [upgrade/config] FYI: You can look at this config file with 'kubectl -n kube-system get cm kubeadm-config -oyaml' [upgrade/config] FATAL: unexpected error when reading kubeadm-config ConfigMap: ClusterConfiguration key value pair missing

What is this configmap and how do I get it?


This message comes from the kubeadm 1.13 binary. When doing a kubeadm upgrade 1.10 -> 1.11, ensure you are using the kubeadm 1.11 binary. Similarliy, use the kubeadm 1.12 binary when going from 1.11 -> 1.12.


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