I'm trying to setup an IIS .NET web application but am having problems granting permissions to allow the IIS process to write to files

The application is latest .NET with a Sql Server backend. As part of its processing it has to write to files in a virtual directory.

It gets installed to

c:\program files\company\appname\web

And a virtual directory in IIS points to a folder:

c:\program files\company\appname\userdata

After granting file system access to the userdata folder, the system errors with permissions failure. The way I do this normally is to grant permissions to either IUSR or IIS_IUSRS, but neither of these successfully grants permission on this server, which is a DoD windows build.

The server is in a domain.

When I grant access to Everyone:full control, it works. However this is a defense setup and they are hardly likely to be happy with "Everyone" being granted permissions so I need to find the specific user to grant access to.

The application pool is setup to run as "Application Identity" and its the same issue if I run it as "Network Service".

Which user name do I use to grant permissions ? or how do I go about finding out what that username is ?

thanks in advance :)

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