I have a laptop which is my ghost server (Symantec Ghost version and I am starting a Ghost session with the command line:

ghostsrv.exe "C:\Images\My Image Name.gho" mysession -N1 -C -UU

Connected via Ethernet (and a switch) I have another computer which is booted into a WinPE client running a ghost client (Symantec Ghost version I start he client with the command line:

ghost32.exe -clone,src=@MCmysession,dst=1

Both computers have fixed IP Addresses in the range, their firewalls are switched off, and I can ping between them.

Any ideas why both ends just hang, waiting for a connection? I have wireshark, but am not sure what I should be looking for.

I only want to reimage a single computer at a time so am using Unicast.

If peer-to-peer is an option then does anyone know the command lines for server and client?

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