I am copying the public key of the pem file generated from External Box to all EC2 instances. This prompts for password for first time Therafter I am able to do scp to all EC2 instance without password using PEM_PATH.

After 1st run I am trying to check if external box is able to SSH into without password using below code

return_code=$(ssh -i $PEM_PATH $SWARM_UNAME@$SWARM_NODE)

But this is not returning.

PEM_PATH is the path to my pem file

Please suggest


You can check ssh connection via command


But to capture return code you should use code like this:


and in variable ERR_CODE you will have exit code of script

  • @Zaks, do you get any errors, messages? And what is the content of variable ERR_CODE? Have you try to remove -q and check? – Romeo Ninov Dec 16 '18 at 15:11

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