I'm trying to connect between two SQL Servers to set up log-shipping.

I'm getting the following error when connecting from the Publisher to the Subscriber:

Cannot connect to DRBOX

Additional information: Cannot generate SSPI context. (Microsoft SQL Server).

I can connect ok from the Subscriber to the Publisher.

Publisher is 2 node active passive cluster, Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 SP2, SQL2005 Enterprise SP3 Subscriber is stand alone, Windows 2003 Standard x32 SP1, SQL 2005 Enterprise SP3

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When I have seen this error it has been Kerberos-related as the server OS has to be configured to allow Kerberos.


I've managed to access the Subscriber by changing its dedicated service account (housing the SQL services) to local system.

I'd prefer to use the dedicated service account - so if anyone knows why this is happening please shout.

This is now a problem again, I can't use the local system account for logshipping as it doesn't have permissions to see the Subscriber

Have tried using SETSPN.EXE to register the Servers SPN - but this hasn't seemed to work.

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