I want to run an app under ReportApps but at the moment I don't have access to a server with Remote Desktop Services working.

Is it possible to make the RDP setup to test RemoteApps on either a separate Windows 10 machine or a version of Windows Server (2012 / 2016)?


Yes, it is. Use RDPWrapper to circumvent RDP connection- and licensing issues on your Windows 8/10/2012/2016 machines.

  • Not quite what I'm looking for. I need to test setup of a RemoteApp which is just a single application running. From what I can see of RDPWrapper it allows a full RDP session and supporting desktop.
    – John Dyer
    Jan 3 '19 at 20:28
  • RemoteApp is just a full RDP Session - without the client showing explorer mainview. You can enable that in your RDC (or save it in the rdp config file), it is (technically) not a server-setting.
    – bjoster
    Jan 4 '19 at 15:27

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