I am trying to install a composer package for AWS S3 integration and came across the Composer Out of Memory issue.

Upon checking phpinfo() I could see the loaded php configuration file is /etc/php.ini and the Max Memory Limit allocated was 256M

But while checking the file memory_limit allocated was 128M. I tried to change it and then restarted the server. But whatever I do the Master value remains at 256M.

I am able to change the values locally using .htaccess but unfortunately it wont work with composer.

Loaded Configuration File

php.ini values


You can search for other instances of the PHP memory_limit setting using the find command.
For example:

find /etc -type f -exec grep -H 'memory_limit' {} \;

This will search all files (recursively) in /etc that mention memory_limit.

As a note: The composer site suggests values as high as 2gb.

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