Accodring to the documentation assigning of the IP addr it not mandatory for the BR interfaces.

I have 2 netwok configuration set on libvirtd hadware node. Possibility one:

    1. eth0 (plain interface)
    2. br0 NO_IP_HERE with bridge_ports eth0

Possiblility two:

    1. eth0 NO_IP_HERE (plain interface)
    2. br0 with bridge_ports eth0

which one is right?

P.S. br0 will be used for the Guest nodes and free IPs from the network will be assigned to the guests.

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Both are working fine. But I always use the second one, eth0 bring network connectivity to the bridge, ip is set on the bridge, ip alias (if any) are set on the br0. I think it is the cleanest implementation.


The IP address goes on the bridge interface (br0 in your example).

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