I got an issue with my Google Cloud Platform.
My instance is not able to access via browser window.
But able to login via gcloud command.
ALso able to login via ssh with mac os shell.
I think it should be some setting issue?
But not able to find where I can edit the info of default login info.

I'm trying to download file from my instance cause the browser windows's download function is not work.
(I enter path like /usr/tmp/xxx.txt, shows fail all the time) I can login via ssh with mac os shell.
But not able to access with ftp softwares.
Always shows permission/auth issue.
That's why I did following things:

It work before I made some change:
1. I generate new rsa key in instance 2. I changed my user password of centos cause I forgot it...
3. I add new pub key into metadata setting. but didn't noticed that the break line when copy from vim. the format is wrong now. I try to fix it but always shows "Failed to submit operation. Error message from server: Supplied fingerprint does not match current metadata fingerprint." after I click save... this might be the issue?

Thank you guys!

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