I have a external hard drive with ntfs partition and it isn't accessible or mountable anymore. Last thing I did was a rsync copy to that usb drive. I still can see the ntfs partition with gnome-disks but I'm not able to mount it.

With gparted and ntfsfix (ntfs-3g package) I get the same error message:

$VOLUME_INFORMATION attribute not found in $Volume

I also checked the smart data from the drive which is OK (No errors logged, thresholds not nearly reached)

I also checked the hard drive with a second linux client (same behavior) and a windows client (doesn't recognize even the ntfs partition, diskmgnt says it contains a 'raw' partition)

When I'm using testdisk I'm able to see the partition and also list the folders and files. When I want to write the partition details it looks like it worked (no error message from testdisk) but even after a reboot I can't mount my drive and the error message is still the same.

I wonder how can I access the data again without the need to copy it somewhere else (don't have the storage for it)


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I couldn't restore the partition/hard drive itself but were able to restore all my files with testdisk to a second drive with the same size.

I used this 'forced' disk switch to get finally rid of my last ntfs partition and started new with a luks encrypted ext4 file system!

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