I bought a Synology NAS DS216se on Wed. Dec. 26th. After first tests with samba, which were very slow, I mounted it as nfs. It got better. But during a huge rsync it came to my mind that probably using a cable instead of Wifi, might help speeding up... It did (slightly) and I got no complaints during rsync switching to a wired connection. After some more test yesterday(Dec. 30th) I restarted my computer. After that I was unable to mount the NAS as nfs. Always getting: "mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting" I completely reinitialized the NAS (RESET) and tried and searched the web ... to no avail After 10 hours of desperate search I remembered that my first mount used Wifi. Unplugged the cable and I could mount it. Anyone knows a reason for that? And probably a solution? I've tried several types of entries in /etc/fstab like: NASServer://volume1/Directory /media/NAS-mount-point nfs auto 0 0



If you are using named hosts (NASServer) make certain that they are defined in your /etc/hosts file, otherwise use the IP address.

Then fstab can be (one backslash, not two as you have used):

NASServer:/volume1/Directory /media/NAS-mount-point nfs auto,defaults,nofail 0 0

  • Thanks, but it obviously doesn't matter if there are 2 backslashes or one (tried it) – hy-soft Dec 31 '18 at 19:02

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