I've noticed that some security updates are not shown as such in the aptitude interface.

$ aptitude search "?upgradable ?archive(security)" -F "%p %t %v %V" | awk '$2~/-security/'
tzdata bionic-security,bionic-updates 2018g-0ubuntu0.18.04 2018i-0ubuntu0.18.04

tzdata is listed as an available security update. However, it is not when viewed through the interface:

 Actions  Undo  Package  Resolver  Search  Options  Views  Help
C-T: Menu  ?: Help  q: Quit  u: Update  g: Preview/Download/Install/Remove Pkgs
aptitude 0.8.10 @ myserver
--\ Upgradable Packages (81)
  --- admin          Administrative utilities (install software, manage users, etc) (27)
  --- doc            Documentation and specialized programs for viewing documentation (1)
  --- gnome          The GNOME Desktop Environment (2)
  --\ libs           Collections of software routines (24)
    --\ main           Fully supported Free Software. (24)
i     tzdata  2018g-0ubuntu0 2018i-0ubuntu0

Here, tzdata is listed under Upgradable Packages instead of Security Updates.
Am I missing something? Not understanding how the system or the tool works?

Note: I have to filter the output of aptitude search with awk because ?archive(security) does not work as expected: see this related question.

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