I am training faster_rcnn_inception module for object detection on custom dataset. In training directory,we found folder called eval_0 and tensorflow generated events.out.tfevents.xxxxxx files.

Training Directory structure as follows

     -events.out.tfevents.1542309785.instance-1  1.2GB
     -events.out.tfevents.1542367255.instance-1  5.3GB
     -events.out.tfevents.1542369886.instance-1  3.6GB
     -events.out.tfevents.1542624154.instance-1  31MB
     -events.out.tfevents.1543060258.instance-1  19MB
     -events.out.tfevents.1543066775.instance-2  1.6GB
 -events.out.tfevents.1542308099.instance-1  17MB
 -events.out.tfevents.1542308928.instance-1  17MB
 -events.out.tfevents.1542366369.instance-1  17MB
 -events.out.tfevents.1542369000.instance-1  17MB
 -events.out.tfevents.1542623262.instance-1  17MB
 -events.out.tfevents.1543064936.instance-2  17MB
 -events.out.tfevents.1543065796.instance-2  17MB
 -events.out.tfevents.1543065880.instance-2  17MB

As per my understanding, tfevents files in eval_0 folder are summery files of evaluation and tfevents files in training_dir are summery files of training.

I have interrupted training process several times and continued from recent checkpoint. I also understand restarting training process generates new tfevents files.

My Questions as follows:

  • Why training tfevents_files have same size, but in case if eval_0/tfevents_files size varies ?

  • Why interrupting training generates new tfevents_file in training folder, but same not observed in case of eval_0?

  • Can I delete all tfevents files in eval_0 except latest one? Does it affect on training or evolution history?

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