Having some trouble with the user module in Ansible. Everything is technically working, just not as I expected. It seems Ansible uses "useradd" versus the newer "adduser" in Ubuntu and I think its missing some configuration settings when creating users. If I let Ansible create the user, the account is created and active but the account behaves a bit strangely. In particualar, the user@hostname prompt is not present. I did confirm that it is using /bin/bash. All I get as a prompt for Ansible created users is $. Doesnt even display current working directory. I want to use Ansible to create the admin accounts, but not if its going to behave like this. If however I create the user manually using adduser in the OS, the account gets setup as expected. Any thoughts?

Ansible user prompt:


Manual user created prompt:


Here is an example user portion of the playbook:

- name: Add user
    name: Username
    password: 'Password Hash'
    groups: sudo
    state: present

You are probably need to add the skeleton option that copies /etc/skel which includes all of the standard shell profiles and so on.

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