If I run a specific tomcat folder it runs 100% of the time. If I run a second test folder (tomcat2) it will only run maybe 10% of the time. In other words it seems to succeed a small portion of the time. When it fails nothing is recorded in the catalina.out logs in tomcat. And when systemctl fails all I get is code = exited status 1. There's no additional information other than tomcat.service entered failed state. If I run tomcat/bin/startup.sh it works 100% of the time.

What could it be? Why does it only work sometimes work for the second test tomcat instance? Where can I get any more debugging information? I have nothing to go on...

Firstly it's great to hear that you'd like to update your version of LandlordMax. In regards to the instructions you can just re-download and re-install the software the same was as you did when you first installed it, the installer is smart enough to know whether it's a new install or an upgrade. With that in mind you can find the instructions on how to install the software in Section 2 of the User Manual located online at:

To give an idea of the frustrations in one case all I did was remove SESSIONS.ser in the work folder and then it started. I then stopped and started it up again and it would no longer startup. But if I go back to the first tomcat folder it works 100% of the time.

UPDATE: After a lot of effort it looks as though the tomcat shutdown script is called right after the startup script as soon as the startup has completed...

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