I have two pods running in separate daemonsets. Pod in "Daemonset A" needs to reach pod in "Daemonset B", and when doing so it's important that it reaches the pod running on the same node.

The container in pods in "Daemonset B" publishes its port using hostPort. If I ssh to a node, I can curl both localhost: and :. However, from pod A I only get a timeout when trying to curl :.

If I configue a NodePort service for Daemonset B, I can reach the nodeport both directly from within the host, and from other pods. However, I'm not guaranteed to be hitting a "Daemonset B" endpoint on the same node, so this won't work.

I'm using Flannel CNI networking.

Any pointers appreciated!

  • How did you try to reach it do you use curl servicename:port or curl internal_ip:port? Have you try to configure service as clusterIP? – Nick Rak Jan 7 at 11:51

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