I have an old app written in PHP 5.3 that is not to be upgraded and doesn't work with php56 and higher. I'd like to install PHP 5.3 with most of the extensions on FreeBSD 11.2 box. And then I'd like to create package(s) I can use on another machine.

Unfortunately PHP 5.3 is not in the ports anymore. I got older version of ports that consists of PHP 5.3. There is a problem with compiling that port, have many errors and cannot succeed.

Can somebody show path to compile php 5.3 as a port in FreeBSD 11.2?

Thank you in advance.

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    Upgrading a PHP app is cheap. Putting together a difficult to maintain server with a mix of ancient unsupported and new software is expensive and very high risk. – Michael Hampton Jan 7 at 0:33
  • Why is your app "not to be upgraded"? Which do you rather do, fix the compilation issues for the ports or fix your app? – Tommiie Jan 9 at 8:36
  • It is not always possible to upgrade the application. It this particular case it is commercial product, pretty big application, run in intranet only, secured with IonCube Encoder and not actively maintained. That's way I am looking for ways to get PHP 5.3 running on FreeBSD 11. – norbi771 Jan 10 at 9:24

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