I'm trying to migrate an application written in PHP and running over Apache 2.0 with mpm_prefork and mod_php to Apache 2.4 with mpm_event and php-fpm via mod_proxy_fcgi.

It is an application that uses Files directive in its htaccess and is working properly with the old settings. However, when trying to use php-fpm the Files directive seems to stop working.

For a url like http://my-domain/team/wolfs-team/?id=23452

  • team is a php script with no extension
  • wolfs-team is a parameter used by the script.

I have set the Files directive as follows:

<Files team>
  SetHandler "proxy:unix:/var/run/teamsapp.sock"

As I said, team is a php script without extension which is located in the following path of my Centos server


However apache is trying to find the wrong script in /opt/choosetheteam/public/html/wolfs-team/ instead of /opt/choosetheteam/public/html/team/ as can be seen in the error trace:

Got error 'Unable to open primary script: 
/opt/choosetheteam/public/html/wolfs-team/ (such no file or directory) n' 

Any idea why this might be happening?

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