In my /home directory there are a bunch of directories that each represent a website. Some of these directory names are the same name as the domain name so those are obvious. But other directory names are a bit obscure and there's no easy way for me to tell which domain they are for. How can I easily see which domain names all these directories are mapped to?

  • Look at your web server configuration. – Zoredache Jan 7 at 23:30
  • Apache? Which file? – Ryan Jan 7 at 23:32
  • Dunno why not start simple and just grep the file(s) for a domain name that you know works. – Zoredache Jan 7 at 23:48
  • Who configured the web server? – Michael Hampton Jan 8 at 0:02
  • Someone else configured it - the previous developer probably. Will try grep. – Ryan Jan 8 at 18:22

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