I have built a Docker Ubuntu image with Torch installed, when running the container in interactive mode I'm able to execute a few commands as root user.

For example, if I run /usr/bin/env th, I can see the Torch console but when I run that as www-data, i.e. sudo -u www-data bash -c '/usr/bin/env th', I see following error:

/usr/bin/env: th: Permission denied

And that is the error I get in my Apache error log as well. I have also tried changing ownership of /usr/bin/env, /root/torch/, /usr/local/bin/th to www-data:www-data but still no luck.

  • /usr/bin/env might be a link to /bin/env so you might need to change /bin/env permission – djv Jan 17 at 15:46

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