I am using rsync on my low-power NAS to backup my server to it. I just found this warning in the logs, which I do not understand:

[08/Jan/2019:23:43:04] /usr/bin/rsnapshot -c /etc/rsnapshot.conf daily: started
[08/Jan/2019:23:43:04] Setting locale to POSIX "C"
[08/Jan/2019:23:43:04] echo 793 > /var/run/rsnapshot.pid
[08/Jan/2019:23:43:04] /root/wake_server.sh
[08/Jan/2019:23:45:05] cmd_preexec "/root/wake_kerbert.sh" returned 1
[08/Jan/2019:23:45:05] /bin/rm -rf /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.6/
[09/Jan/2019:00:01:32] mv /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.5/ /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.6/
[09/Jan/2019:00:01:32] mv /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.4/ /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.5/
[09/Jan/2019:00:01:32] mv /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.3/ /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.4/
[09/Jan/2019:00:01:32] mv /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.2/ /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.3/
[09/Jan/2019:00:01:32] mv /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.1/ /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.2/
[09/Jan/2019:00:01:32] /bin/cp -al /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.0 /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.1
[09/Jan/2019:00:25:34] /usr/bin/rsync -av --delete --numeric-ids --relative --delete-excluded --rsh="/usr/bin/ssh -i /etc/ssh_keys/id_rsa" root@ /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.0/server/
[09/Jan/2019:00:39:51] rsync succeeded
[09/Jan/2019:00:39:51] touch /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.0/
[09/Jan/2019:00:39:51] No directory to delete: /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/_delete.793
[09/Jan/2019:00:39:51] rm -f /var/run/rsnapshot.pid
[09/Jan/2019:00:39:51] /usr/bin/logger -p user.err -t rsnapshot WARNING: /usr/bin/rsnapshot -c /etc/rsnapshot.conf daily: completed, but with some warnings
[09/Jan/2019:00:39:51] WARNING: /usr/bin/rsnapshot -c /etc/rsnapshot.conf daily: completed, but with some warnings

There are two confusing parts in here:

  1. This line does not make sense to me, because ´daily.0´ should already exist due to the previous rsync-command. Why is this needed?

    [09/Jan/2019:00:39:51] touch /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/daily.0/

  2. Furthermore, what does this line mean?

    [09/Jan/2019:00:39:51] No directory to delete: /mnt/vg_bkp_disks-lv_bkp_data/backups/_delete.793

    Apparently, this does not cause any issues, but since this message occurs on the NAS and the previous rsync-command ran successfully, it seems strange, because rsnapshot on the NAS should have created it in the first place?! (since it is obviously a tmp-file of either rsnapshot or rsync)

  3. Am I correct in assuming that the actual warning at the end is caused only by this call to my wake-up script on this line and everything else ran fine?:

    [08/Jan/2019:23:45:05] cmd_preexec "/root/wake_kerbert.sh" returned 1

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