How I can monitor outbound connection that are made from my server along with the program/application which has made the connection request? I have tried using the below command and I am not much familiar with it so not sure if the output is all outbound connections:

netstat -nputw | awk '{if (!match($4, /:443/)&&!match($4, /:80/)&&!match($4, /:82/)&&!match($4, /:8080/)&&!match($4, /:22/)) print $0}'

Here 443,82,22,80 are my server listener port.

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nethogs is an excellent top command like tool, but showing network activity grouped by processes. Should help you quite a lot especially if your server does not have tons of activity.

  • I tried with this command. Do want to add anything? # netstat -nputw | awk '{if (!match($4, /:443/)&&!match($4, /:80/)&&!match($4, /:82/)&&!match($4, /:8080/)&&!match($4, /:22/)) print $0}' (Here 443,82,22,80 are my server listener port) – cricket viewr Jan 10 at 9:01
  • netstat -naputw | awk '{if (!match($4, /:443/)&&!match($4, /:80/)&&!match($4, /:82/)&&!match($4, /:8080/)&&!match($4, /:22/)&&!match($5, /!match($5, /(192|10|172).([0-9]+).([0-9]+).([0-9]+)((:[0-9]+)*)/)) print $0}' – cricket viewr Jan 10 at 11:34

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