I would like to redirect all URLs to https on my host and root folder to sub-folder.

My configuration:

Redirect permanent / https://myhost.com/ 
RedirectMatch ^/$ /sub-folder/

The first redirect works well, all http requests are redirected to https, but the second one does nothing.

Any advice, please?


  • Where did you put this configuration? – Michael Hampton Jan 9 at 22:17
  • To /etc/apache/sites-available/myhost.conf (symlink to sites-enabled ofc). – dannyx Jan 9 at 22:33

It appears the problem is with your first rule:

Redirect permanent / https://myhost.com/

Which could be changed to:

Redirect permanent http://myhost.com/ https://myhost.com/

Additionally, the regular expression doesn't seem to work unless it's inside quotes, so ^/$ should be changed to "^/$"

The second redirect is not observed because the first redirect occurs an infinite number of times.

I was able to debug this by adding a couple of entries to my /etc/hosts file as follows: kerneldeimos.local subdomain.kerneldeimos.local

I then added your rewrite rules (using a subdomain instead of HTTPS for convenience):

Redirect permanent / http://subdomain.kerneldeimos.local
RedirectMatch "^/$" /sub-folder/

It worked after I changed my config to the following:

Redirect permanent http://kerneldeimos.local http://subdomain.kerneldeimos.local
RedirectMatch "^/$" /sub-folder/

After some research, I handled it. Problem was that first redirect was redirected to port 443 so the second redirect has to be managed in VirtualHost:443. And as you said, the quotes are required in RedirectMatch directive.

Thank you very much.

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