consider the ssh command:

sudo ssh -L /my/local/sock:/var/remote_socket me@remote

This runs as root, so the created local unix domain socket has ownership root and 0600 permissions.

How do I tell ssh to create the socket with wider permissions?


Use the StreamLocalBindMask option:

    Sets the octal file creation mode mask (umask) used when creating
a Unix-domain socket file for local or remote port forwarding.
This option is only used for port forwarding to a Unix-domain socket file.  
    The default value is 0177, which creates a Unix-domain socket
file that is readable and writable only by the owner. Note that
not all operating systems honor the file mode on Unix-domain
socket files.

For a socket open to any user:

sudo ssh -o StreamLocalBindMask=0111 -L /my/local/sock:/var/remote_socket me@remote

(or just =0 ).

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