Am new to serverfault, hoping to see the experts answers for my query.

I have done a Active/passive setup for 1 cell vCloud Director. Below are the setup details.

OS : CentOS 7.10 vCloud Director : 9.5 DRBD9.0 : For data replication between 2 nodes Corosync & Pacemaker : For heartbeat and resource creation.

Below is the cluster details : After creating resource VCD-SERVICE for service vmware-vcd, am getting below failed action and cluster goes into no responsive mode even if i restart pacemaker.

Resource created with this command --> pcs resource create VCD-SERVICE lsb:vmware-vcd op monitor interval=15s

Experts valuable input is highly appreciated & thanks in advance.

pcs status

Cluster name: VCD_Cluster Stack: corosync Current DC: app1 (version 1.1.19-8.el7_6.2-c3c624ea3d) - partition with quorum Last updated: Wed Jan 9 07:11:40 2019 Last change: Wed Jan 9 06:52:26 2019 by root via cibadmin on app2

2 nodes configured 5 resources configured

Online: [ app1 ] OFFLINE: [ app2 ]

Full list of resources:

VCD_VIP (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2): Started app1 Master/Slave Set: VCDClone [VCD-DRBD] Masters: [ app1 ] Stopped: [ app2 ] VCD_FS (ocf::heartbeat:Filesystem): Started app1 VCD-SERVICE (lsb:vmware-vcd): ORPHANED FAILED app2 (blocked)

Failed Actions: * VCD-SERVICE_monitor_0 on app1 'not installed' (5): call=18, status=Not installed, exitreason='', last-rc-change='Wed Jan 9 07:09:33 2019', queued=1ms, exec=1ms * VCD-SERVICE_stop_0 on app2 'not configured' (6): call=21, status=complete, exitreason='', last-rc-change='Wed Jan 9 07:14:32 2019', queued=0ms, exec=28ms

Daemon Status: corosync: active/enabled pacemaker: active/enabled pcsd: active/enabled


Refer image for VCD-SERVICE detailsenter image description here


I believe you want to define the VCD-SERVICE with the systemd class instead of lsb.

LSB init scripts must be located in /etc/init.d, and must comply with LSB exit codes to be used with Pacemaker. In CentOS 7, most services are controlled by systemd.

EDIT 1: Here is a link to LSB spec: http://refspecs.linuxbase.org/LSB_3.0.0/LSB-PDA/LSB-PDA/iniscrptact.html

and another link to the Linux-HA.org wiki to check for compliance: http://www.linux-ha.org/wiki/LSB_Resource_Agents

It's usually pretty easy to edit an init script to make it LSB compliant, but you can also write an OCF resource agent for Pacemaker. A quick Google for, "OCF Pacemaker resource agent development" should bring up some good resources.

  • Dear Matt, thank you for your input, yes i have tried using systemd class but pacemaker is not identifying that as service, do you know how to create the resource for service using pcs. – Mohammed Suhail Jan 12 '19 at 12:22

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