On my Hosteurope vServer, I keep getting these counter_cpu_share_used alerts in Virtuozzo, basically whenever I actively use my vServer.


As you can see, I get red alerts all the time. It happens I encode a video using ffmpeg, boot up my minecraft server (please don't judge me) or I install a wordpress plugin. Pretty much whenever I do something that uses the cpu for longer than a splitsecond. However, my average cpu usage is pretty low.

Do I have to worry about these alerts?

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    Whether you have to worry about the alerts depends on what your service provider thinks of them. What did they say when you asked them the question? – Michael Hampton Jan 11 at 1:02

I talked to my hoster and this was their response (translated from German):

These alerts simple mean, that the CPU load was high. If this only happens temporarily, it is not a problem. If we noticed that your server was permanently under load, we would've contacted you..

tl;dr Nothing to worry about.

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