Here is the scenario. I have a bunch of pods, services and routes already created. However there is no replication controller. How do I just add a replication controller to those existing objects.

Here's the sample yaml for the kubernetes objects. https://github.com/openshift/origin/tree/release-3.9/examples/wordpress


oc run mysql --image=openshift/mysql-55-centos7 --env="MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=yourpassword" --env="MYSQL_USER=wp_user" --env="MYSQL_PASSWORD=wp_pass" --env="MYSQL_DATABASE=wp_db" --port=3306 --expose

oc run wordpress --image=wordpress --env="WORDPRESS_DB_USER=wp_user" --env="WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD=wp_pass" --env="WORDPRESS_DB_NAME=wp_db" --env="WORDPRESS_DB_HOST=mysql" --port=80 --expose

modify them after dc creation to add storage to those pods (used the UI) and then create your own route (used the UI).

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