I have a pfSense on Proxmox VM. I have two IP addreses configured:

WAN: xx.xx.88.24 -> public IP accesible from internet 
LAN: -> corporate intranet

I want to access an internal server from WAN. For example, I have a server with IP with a HTTPD server running on default 80 port.

Then, I have created a NAT rule in pfSense:

Interface  Protocol  Dest. Address   Dest. Ports  NAT IP         NAT PORTS
WAN        TCP/UDP   xx.xx.88.24     80(HTTP)  80(HTTP)

With the firewall rule created in the NAT configuration. When trying to test this configuration, I recieve a timeout from the browser. In the Diagnosticts -> States I only see this entries:

Interface   Protocol   Source -> Destination                           State 
WAN         tcp        (my PC IP) ->  CLOSED:SYN_SENT 
LAN         tcp        (my PC IP) ->               CLOSED:SYN_SENT

Any idea? HTTP service is up and runnning in internal server, so internal rule in the server firewall added to accept http service request.



check your default gateway, this is wrong or not set in your backend server.


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