I have a simple express app that works perfectly on local host.

But when i deployed it, it prints:

"server started on 3000"

but wont show in my browser using ip:3000.

I use centos 7.

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  • What is the actual error message you get from your browser? What is the output of netstat -nl on your server? – Gerald Schneider Jan 11 at 11:30
  • ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE For browser For the ss -nl i get netlink socket: Protocol not supported tcp LISTEN 0 0 :80 *: tcp LISTEN 0 0 :22 *: tcp LISTEN 0 0 : tcp LISTEN 0 0 :3306 *: tcp LISTEN 0 0 :::22 :::* tcp LISTEN 0 0 :::3001 :::* i changed the port to 3001 and i guess it got locked there – Mimigirl Jan 12 at 10:40

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