Can I purchase two identical CPUs say from different websites? I was told they need to be a "matching pair" but I can't find any evidence to support that. Will I encounter any problems from buying two individual CPUs that aren't a "pair"?

In case it matters, this is the motherboard: https://www.supermicro.com/products/system/1u/1028/sys-1028gq-tr.cfm

  • Can I purchase two identical CPUs say from different websites? - Why would you do that? Why would you not buy both of them from the same vendor? – joeqwerty Jan 11 at 16:36
  • It was a hypothetical scenario to help ensure my question was clear. But if you really want an answer, what if one ebay seller only had 1 for really cheap so I wanted to buy it and then the second one from somewhere else? – Scott Beeson Jan 11 at 18:34

You need to buy two identical CPUs. That means they must be the same processor model and stepping. They do not have to be sold by the same vendor.

  • Thank you. I was suspicious when I was told this but I wanted to make sure and couldn't find any discussions online. – Scott Beeson Jan 11 at 18:36

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