I am trying to perform a test failover to Azure of a brand-new CentOS 7.1 VM. Failover is On-Premises to Azure, but this VM is really an Azure VM running in a separate isolated Virtual Network (for testing purposes).

CentOS 7.1 is a supported OS for Azure Site Recovery (link).

Enabling replication on this CentOS VM works just fine (screenshot from the ASR properties page of this replicated machine)

As is default for all VMs in Azure, this CentOS VM has an OS disk and a temporary disk (screenshot from the Disks page of this replicated machine). Only the OS disk is replicating.

However, when trying to perform a test failover, I get the following error (error screenshot here).

  • Error ID: 170049
  • Error Message: Failover failed because of an unsupported configuration.
  • Possible Causes: If this is a Windows virtual machine, then the operating system disk might be encrypted. If this is a Linux virtual machine, then /boot and root (/) partitions might be on different disks.

This is a newly-deployed CentOS VM in Azure with no additional attached data disks, so I don't think the partitions are in different disks. What is going on?

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