When I run lxc-usernsexec I get the error message:

Failed to find subuid or subgid allocation

lxc-create and lxc-start work without any problems, but I would need to run lxc-usernexec to remove a container without being root.

The only google hit for the error message is in a commit, which added the error handling:

-       if (find_default_map()) {
-           fprintf(stderr, "You have no allocated subuids or subgids\n");
-           exit(EXIT_FAILURE);
+       ret = find_default_map();
+       if (ret < 0) {
+           CMD_SYSERROR("Failed to find subuid or subgid allocation");
+           _exit(EXIT_FAILURE);

This isn't very helpful, especially since the other tools are working well.

My subuids/subgids:

$ cat /etc/subuid

$ cat /etc/subgid

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