I have been running some websites on my PC directly from virtualbox centos7.3 vm. It is running through bridged connection. I installed erpnext and ran through proxy through nginx to apache. I have created a separate websocket proxy url socket.io for that.

So now when i ran the erp it ran successfully. Though i set it up successfully. But after some time erp access through apache hanged but erp is working through nginx port.

I saw that all of my websites hanged and i am unable to access any of the websites from my local connection. I am using external IP in the DNS so all of my local connections route through my router IP.

But to my surprise i can see those websites and even erp from external connection i.e. from my phone data connection and google pagespeed is also loading them perfectly.

I cannot see any logs in apache. can somebody help me in resolving this issue. Where can i find the logs or is there any internal setting of centos that restricts me with the number of connection rate limits?

Thanks in advance

PS: This is not a development server issue.

And one more thing, all of them gets up after some time automatically without any service restart or server restart.

Sorry i forgot one more thing, i have firewalld disabled so there is no firewall on the linux system.

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