Im having trouble with my ext4 filesystem. Im using this with NFS to make it available to remote machines. Now its showing a mysterious "No space left on device" error when im trying to mkdir $name but noting seems to help. If i move or cp files (Size doesnt matter) this error doesnt show up.

I checked available space (over 400G) I checked inodes (only 12% used) I did a fsck and repaired errors. I reindexed the filesystem with fsck -D and after that wasnt helpful i disabled dir_index completely. Like in this Post suggests.

Maybe the fact, that this error only shows up on a few directories is helpful. Does ext4 has a max directory depth or something?

  • Have you deleted big files recently? If so, run sudo lsof / | grep -i deleted to investigate possible process still using those files. – Manuel Florian Jan 12 '19 at 20:15
  • @ManuelFlorian, no there was no deletion of big files. I also rebootet the machine. There is no open fh or something. – Nico Jan 12 '19 at 20:17

Basically the problem is, that there are too many extended acls on the directory. Took me a few days to check that.

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