I have installed a server with Server 2016 Essentials, to act as a DC for a simple network comprising 4 client computers plus printers, scanners, etc. The network is connected to the internet by a single router.

Apologies if this is similar to other questions but I can't find one that deals with a single server (as Essentials is limited to) and domain. All seem to talk about a second DNS server on the network.

Following internet advice, I have set the DC ( as the DNS and DHCP servers. The router ( is set as the default gateway. DNS forwarders point to the external name servers and the server's own Ipv4 settings point to itself (

Two questions please:

  1. Microsoft advises (as does DNS Best Practices on Server Manager) that 'DNS servers on ethernet should include the loopback address, but not as the first entry'. By having it as the first entry, there appears to be a conflict between AD and DNS on startup. It also says 'Ethernet should be configured to use both a preferred and an alternate DNS server'. Where could that other server be on a simple network? The only possibility I can see is using the DNS server on the router. If this is the case, how should each DNS server be set up? If the router's DNS in turn points back to the server (as well, presumably, as external nameservers), won't that create a circular problem?

  2. The Best Practices Analyser states 'Root hint server 2001:503:... must respond to NS queries for the root zone'. Microsoft states that Ipv6 must be enable, otherwise certain services will not function. Enabling it appears to generate 6 such messages. How to fix this, please (or should I just ignore it)?

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