I can't enable Azure backup on some my VMs in Azure. I have already virtual machines migrated from classic to ARM, but disks for a few one are still stored in Classic storage. If I try to enable backup I receive error "Deployment to resource group 'ResourceGroupName' failed." "Write ProtectedItems Failed" I also can't migrate this disk to ARM using standard migration procedure. On new machines or corrected migrated I can enable Azure backup without any problems.

thanks for any help

  • What errors do you get when you try to migrate to ARM? – Sam Cogan Jan 13 '19 at 18:49

Easy fix, migrate the storage too.


Hope this helps.


Yes, I know- storage migration is a solution :) but I get some errors during migration process. I migrated all environment and commit this process but one classic storage account finish with errors. OK, I was hoping that there is some tricky operation. I will retry next days. Thanks

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