We would like to access a remote server (customer infrastructure) from our Google Cloud Platform via our on-permises infra (where IPSec is already configured to access to costumer).

Big picture of current solultion

We already configured a GCP route to the remote server using tunnel as next hop but with no success.

Any idea of the way to achieve this?


Basing in the topology you are sharing:

GCP -> On-prem DC -> Customer DC

You basically need to make sure GCP Cloud VPN configuration from GCP to On-prem DC is properly set up according to the following documentation:

a) Cloud VPN Best Practices.

b) Assuming you are using Dynamic Routing as your type of Cloud VPN in GCP (which is the most recommendable one), double check creation steps, like required permissions and so on.

c) The follow-up steps are very important as well, such as configuring the correct firewall rules on GCP and on-premises. And setting up the on-premise VPN gateway and tunnel properly according to the device/brand you use on-prem.

d) Since you mention you are using IPSec, please make sure which IKE version you are using in GCP and on-prem, and to abide to the GCP exact values for Phase 1 and 2.

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