I'm still arguing with LDAP authentication. Now I have a server running openldap in centos, some account and a client that can use that directory to log on.

The issue I have is that I'm no longer able to login as superuser on ldap client: typing su root and entering the superuser password of the client I'm no longer able to log in (I get wrong credentials).

According to client's /etc/passwd I have one (and only one) root account (gid =0 , uid =0)


For future use the issue was that in nssswitch.conf I had ldap switch before files one and root account wasn't available on ldap server.

So I just had to enter 3 times a wrong password to be able to use local accounts (other option was to invert files and ldap giving preference to local auth, but it's not the case as I want user's log-in to be tracked on ldap server)

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