I've decrypted an email from Dovecot's Maildir folder but I can't decompress it properly. Judging by first few bytes, it is compressed using LZ4:

00000000  44 6f 76 65 63 6f 74 2d  4c 5a 34 0d 2a 9b c5 00  |Dovecot-LZ4.*...|
00000010  01 00 00 00 00 41 a2 ff  e4 52 65 74 75 72 6e 2d  |.....A...Return-|

I've tried lz4cat and dd if=file bs=1 skip=n with no luck. I can see parts of the message intermingled with garbage (compression data - I presume).

How to properly decompress such message?


With help of #dovecot IRC channel dweller cmouse, there's the command:

doveadm fs get compress lz4:0:posix:prefix=/ message-filename

Or with LZ4 decryption as well:

doveadm fs get compress lz4:0:crypt:private_key_path=/mail_crypt/ecprivkey.pem:posix:prefix=/ message-filename
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